Custom Commercial Sound Systems

Custom Commercial Sound Systems

I am currently moving my focus back to producing music. Many small parts & connectors are available for sale related to projectors & audio.

I have done some very specialized custom commercial AV work but also basic consulting and providing custom made items. The normal procedure is described below.

Full service start to finish turnkey custom integrated audio visual solutions.

Building sound and display systems for boardrooms, courtrooms, churches, training rooms, retail stores, and various other venues since 1980.

The Rose Studios Audio Visual Division is a Design/Build company.
We are not selling parts and labor. Rose Studios provides a solution to your needs in the form of a well thought out complete system package integrated into your room.

Evaluate – Design – Build – Install – Tune


The following information is needed to do an accurate evaluation:

  • A. Floor plan drawn to scale showing:
    • A.1. All listening areas.
    • A.2. Podium area and or any other speaking areas.
    • A.3. List of activities and location. Example: 5 board members with a podium for visitors or 4 singers, 30 voice choir and drums etc….
    • A.4. Basic finish materials on floor, ceiling, and walls.
  • B. Drawing showing elevations/ ceiling heights drawn to scale.
  • C. Your needs expressed by everything you do or plan to do and any problems you are now having in this area.
    Note: drawings can be very basic on graph paper with pencil and pen as long as they are accurate. Anything you have ready in the way of drawings or blueprints help but typically we just come in and do it ourselves. We have to see actual construction to verify measurements and determine wiring and equipment mounting options.

The goal of this evaluation is to provide a proposed sound and display system package that fits your needs. Every room is different and the room is a component of the system combined with your needs requiring a unique and customized design. The room and application dictates what speakers and components we use. There is much necessary time spent in this research, design and pricing. The evaluation is more than just consulting and after this process you are invoiced for the time spent and presented with a proposal.

After the proposal is accepted our terms are typically 50% down and balance paid upon completion of project and your receiving invoice. Invoice and a statement for balance of payment will be given after installation. Prices and specifications are subject to change so confirm upon order.


Some rough design has been done in the evaluation process. We try not to use expensive drawings but just what it takes to get the calculations we need. The details are worked out in this stage for digital signal processing, precise locations for projectors, speakers, and many other details.


We do as much as we can in house. Mixers with digital signal processors are assembled configured and tested. We do as much pre wiring and fabrication as possible in our shop.


This has to be done on site in your room and we try as much as possible to work around your schedule. We also work with your crew or volunteers to keep cost down.


All the fine adjustments, calibrations, and critical tweaking of the system to get the best performance for you application are done including testing all functions. This step requires no one else to be in the room.